Electro-hydraulic system is an essential part of a heavy duty dental chair

As one of the biggest shopping items for dentists, it is essential to learn how to choose a right dental chair for their practice. Among many factors, durability of the equipment will be directly linked to the cost of business, as a long lasting and durable chair will eliminate cost for repair, opportunity loss by downtime and replacement of entire chair.

An electro-hydraulic system has been one of the mainstreams used to drive a dental chair. It is a transmission system that uses pressurized hydraulic oil to drive machinery. An electro-hydraulic system consists of roughly three parts; an electric motor pump, valves and hydraulic cylinders. In addition to these there are hoses that connects these components and control module to operate motor pump and valves. Other than dental chairs, electro-hydraulic system is used to move mechanism with heavy load, such as construction machines, wings of air planes and water gate.

Valves and cylinders are manufactured by their own manufacturing site in Osaka, Japan
Valves and cylinders are manufactured by their own manufacturing site in Osaka, Japan

Among many, here are the two major advantages of electro-hydraulic system for an owner of dental chairs.

1. Heavy Lifting Capacity

Small force can be converted to much greater force by adjusting the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder. (Pascal’s Law). Small and compact motor can move heavy equipment with a large patient on it. Hydraulic oil has the capacity to resist the compression applied by heavy load and minimize the loss of energy, so the position of the chair is always precise and consistent.

2. Long Lifetime and maintenance free

The medium to transfer the energy to the cylinder is oil, which lubricate itself and keep the cylinder from wearing out and corrosion. The oil also act as medium of cooling the motor. No maintenance is required. The motor does not get damaged by overload to the system thanks to shock absorbing valve.

The components with the finest quality play critical roles in assuring these two advantages. Belmont, based in Osaka, Japan takes pride in the dental chairs with the literally highest quality chairs in the industry. Founded in 1921 as a manufacturer of cast iron, they started manufacturing of hydraulic chairs in1950. They manufacture over 10,000 hydraulic equipment ranging from simple hairdressing chair to sophisticated dental chairs, to neurosurgical operating tables.

Belmont use valves, hoses, motor pump made in Japan and manufacture hydraulic cylinders at their own manufacturing facility. The manufacturing process and craftsmanship, including quench hardening of the cylinder, has been the asset of experience over 90 years. It is not very uncommon to find their chairs over 45 years old still in working condition in towns of many different countries.

Belmont started manufacturing of dental equipment over 45 years ago. In addition to the chairs, their dental product line includes dental units, operating lights, stools and dental x-rays. In addition to the reliability, they also surprised the industry with the innovative designs. They made the world’s first dental chair with a folding leg rest. Their deep understanding in human ergonomics enabled them to design chairs with unprecedented comfort.

With “Treat the Customer with Care” the primary philosophy since the establishment of the company, Belmont never compromises in choosing a distributor. Without exception, their distributor in every country has highly trained service personnel and customer support.

date 16.06-2016
source H. Neumann