Facts against myths


Each child costs the mother a tooth“



…one of the ancient myths of dental health – has not been correct for a long time.

The fact is that here in our region dentists and gynecologists are working hand in hand concerning the dental health of mother and child.

"The so called „Dental Paediatrics Passport“ is handed over together with the „Materity Passport“ by the gynecologists to the expectant mothers after the pregnancy has been determined.

Not only does he provide the mothers with information on the basic facts for the dental health of their child, but also for their own oral and dental health, "reports Dr. Martina Walther, Executive Board „Prevention“ of the Dental Chamber of Schleswig-Holstein.

"Daily tooth brushing and two dental screenings during pregnancy protect the expectant mothers against pregnancy gingivitis and the children against the related risk of premature birth.

Early prevention – in this case dental hygiene, healthy nutrition and semi-annual dental check-ups - create facts against the further myth:

"Primary teeth do not require any care, they fall out anyway."


No! Children need healthy milk teeth to properly chew and learn how to talk. Milk teeth are the placeholders for the permanent teeth and are essential for a physiologically dentition.

Prevention for a lifetime creates facts to eliminate the last myth of dental health:


"When one is old, one needs false teeth."


Dr. Michael Brandt, President of the Chamber of Dentists of Schleswig-Holstein, refers to the results of the recently published nationwide oral health study DMS V of the Institut der Deutschen Zahnärzte (IDZ).

"The study proves impressively that: more people with more and more healthy teeth are getting older." Brandt sees this as a great success of the very good dental-medical education and care in Germany's dental practices.


Press release of the Chamber of dental medicine, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Kiel, September 23, 2016