FDI and Royal Philips sign global agreement to promote the importance of oral health

Image of Christopher Watts, May Buhaisi, Dr. Patrick Hescot, Dr. Mounzer Srour
Left to right: Christopher Watts, May Buhaisi, Dr. Patrick Hescot, Dr. Mounzer Srour

Geneva, xx November 2015: FDI World Dental Federation and Royal Philips, the makers of the Philips Sonicare toothbrush, will team up to actively promote the importance of oral health and its impact on a person’s overall health, and together promote World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2016.

World Oral Health Day, celebrated on March 20, is an international day to raise awareness of the connection between oral health and overall health. FDI member national dental associations, dental student associations and other groups, organize a variety of global events.

“I’d like to welcome Philips to our group of sponsors and congratulate them for demonstrating their commitment to the cause of global oral health awareness,” said FDI President, Dr. Patrick Hescot. “World Oral Health Day is an opportunity to position oral health where it belongs: at the heart of wellbeing and quality of life.”

“For Philips, the FDI World Dental Federation is a great partner,” said Egbert van Acht, CEO, Philips Health & Wellness. “Increasing education around the importance of looking after oral health is one of our key goals. We are committed to bringing meaningful innovation to address global societal needs. WOHD allows us to engage and encourage people to commit not only to their oral health, but also understand the positive impact on their overall health. At Philips, we are actively promoting the link between oral and systemic health to help improve people’s lives.”

Activities for WOHD include poster, billboard and media campaigns, free dental screening, oral health camps, literacy sessions and workshops, booklets and kits, cultural activities, debates, and festivities such as flashmobs, walkathons and charity sporting events. In some countries, groups have made attempts on world records such as greatest number of people attending an oral health literacy session or brushing their teeth at one time.

For more information, visit www.worldoralhealthday.org, www.philips.com/newscenter.

Picture left to right: Christopher Watts, May Buhaisi, Dr. Patrick Hescot, Dr. Mounzer Srour