Who is PD?

Since 1940, Produits Dentaires SA has advanced through the decades, thanks to reputed know-how, outstanding quality and innovative mindset. Today, the company, based in Vevey, Switzerland, is still family-owned and the third generation with the help of 50 employees daily strives to implement actions answering the challenges of the international dental industry.

Produits Dentaires SA offers to dentists a wide range of high quality products used in endodontics, restoratives, prophylaxis, prosthetics and periodontology. Present in more than 100 countries on the 5 continents, our company SA has created, over the years, an extensive distribution network of agents, wholesale dealers and dental depots.

Thanks to our partners, «PD» brand products have gradually gained international repute, synonymous with Swiss Quality at its best.

How did it all begin ?

In 1932, William Gehrig starts exclusive distribution of dental waxes and medicaments of American company Morse & Krug in Switzerland. The partnership ends with beginning of World War II. In 1940, thanks to his experience in the dental field, he founds Produits Dentaires SA and acquires a land and former Nestlé offices just behind Vevey’s train station. Within months, the young company grows fast, finding its customers mostly abroad. Due to a large variety of products, the company quickly organized into several departments: laboratory, mechanics, ceramics, wax, points, metals, printing, inventory and administration. From the very beginning, it has the particularity of developing and manufacturing its own equipment and machinery.

In recent years, Produits Dentaires SA has been particularly committed to complete its range of preparations and medicaments. Today, the company offers a coherent set of products of root canal treatment and restauration.


What is the future made of ?

Produits Dentaires SA invests in the development of new products which are based on the latest knowledge. As a Swiss manufacturer, we strive to present to dentists always innovative novelties which meet our high quality standards and facilitate their daily work. In addition, existing products are continuously analyzed and improved. To meet this goal, we work close together with a national and international expert team consisting of dentists, dental hygienists and other specialists from the medical field. In addition, several research projects are running in close cooperation with universities and colleges in Switzerland and worldwide.

What are PD key products?


Pulpotec® is a preparation for the permanent treatment of pulpitis, by pulpotomy, of vital teeth, both permanent and deciduous. This treatment is both simple and rapid. Pulpotec® helps the dentist save the tooth, minimize the surgical risk, eliminate the risk of root canal infection, save time and money.


Endofill is a radiopaque preparation for permanent root canal filling. Its composition is well tolerated by tissues and it provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and germicidal actions. Before hardening, the paste penetrates the narrowest fissures and maintains its therapeutic effects throughout the treatment until completely set. The final obturation neither retracts nor resorbs.


Our Glass fiber posts with composite FIBRAPOST feature an improved composition (Urethane Dimethacrylate based resin matrix, bis-Phenol A free) with pre-silanisation, higher radiopacity, optimized adhesion to sealing composite and improved mechanical resistance and flexural strength. The Sealacore family consists in a nano-reinforced self-etch bond and a dual-cure composite cement that are used for cementation of posts and core build-ups. The SEALACORE product line was specially developed to be used with FIBRAPOST. Thanks to their excellent adhesive properties, SEALACORE products have proved to be exceptionally compatible with FIBRAPOST.


The MAP (Micro-Apical Placement) System provides a unique and efficient method for placing root canal repair materials, either by orthograde obturation for the treatment of perforations, root-end fillings and pulp-cappings using curved, straight or NiTi « memory shape » needles or by retrograde obturation after apical resection thanks to the specially designed, triple-angled needles (left and right-angled) and/or hooked needles. In combination with PD MTA White,
the perfect solution for professional endodontic treatments.


Produits Dentaires SA
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date 16.06-2016
Source H. Neumann